Written by: Sanja Arsenovic


Where does beauty resides- I want to beatify life..
Where is devotion hidden-don’t hide: it’s forbidden..
Why can’t I find- that sacred space..
In my dreams-I’ve found it’s sparkle trace..
Where can I seek for-feelings sublime..
Revelation we need- dear God of mine..
I want to tell you- in the name of all..
How magnificent and divine,is your role..
Some lives are ruined-but accepting your will..
Some doubt you-thinking you’re not real..
Some walk in dark,with open heart..
In hope you’ll protect-and be their guard..
Some have it all,but lost their vitality..
Thinking-all they’ve done,was just futility..
Some pray for health,afraid cos they “melt”..
Do you see,how we are eager to find..
Peace in ourselves,our souls and mind..
Our days are filled,with an anticipation..
Deep in our hearts,we show appreciation..
We are praying dear Lord- give us your love..
Today I am praying,to heaven above..🙏❣️🌎